In loving memory of Joe D'Amico

Joesph John D’Amico was born September 27th, 1959, he lived till December 8th, 2016. Joe was a man of high spirits, high hopes, and amazing dreams. Some would say that he lived in his own head, a day dream if you will, but, he never stopped dreaming.

Joe leaves behind in this world his mother, Marge Holm, his three younger brothers, Mike, Rick and Phil, his two children Tony and Jennifer, along with grandsons Dante and Vincent. Joe like the rest of us had some trouble in this life realizing and achieving his dreams, but that never kept him down, he somehow stayed unrealistically optimistic towards life all the way to the end.

Joe was the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back in the middle of a blizzard to help another person. He wasn’t selfish or shy, he’d speak his mind and didn’t care how politically correct it was or who might take offense, he didn’t sugar coat and didn’t apologize for his opinions or views.

He would want to be remembered as the light hearted, charismatic individual that he was. He would want us all to celebrate his life and remember him with good hair, a full set of teeth microphone in one hand, scotch and soda in the other. He was always the life of the party, generous and joyful almost to a fault. His woody-the-woodpecker laugh, the nose shark, the way he would tell a joke.

Joe was stubborn as a bull at times, he wouldn’t back down from an argument if he truly believed he was right. He had impeccable morals, while he lived a wild and sometimes risky life, he never deliberately hurt or wished misfortune on another living soul.

He will not be forgotten, I was fortunate to spend the last 16 years of Joe’s life with him. We were closer than most sons are with their fathers. We built a business together ( he created several businesses throughout his life ), ours was really moving. I don’t think he knew how big of a role he played in that business, or how much of an influence he had on me. Aside from being my business partner, he was my roommate from the time Dante was born until he fell ill.

Dad might have missed out on a lot of Jen and I’s child hood, if he had to list his regrets is life that would probably be near the top of the list. What he missed in ours he made up for ten fold with Dante and Vincent! Those two boys got some of Grandpa’s best years and nearly all of his attention. He was so proud of them, Dad was there when they said their first words, took their first steps, and the day he removed their training wheels from their bikes. He was the best Grandpa any kid has ever had in my book, and I think they’ll agree!

Joe was taken from this world far too soon. He had so much more he wanted to do, so many years of life left to live… We can’t know how long we’ll have, so remember to be thankful today for what you have, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Remember to love, laugh, and have fun. This life is far too short for us to waste it being miserable, angry, or upset. Remember Joe, think of him often, and cherish those memories that make you smile.

You will never be forgotten

You will always be loved

Tony D'Amico - 12/8/16